Terms & Condition

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“We, us, our,ASAP”, means Asaptech Limited, Incorporated in England and Wales, Company number: 9680760, Registered Office at, S9, Worth Corner, Turners Hill Road, Crawley, RH10 7SL
“You, yours”, means the users of application, web or any other services provided by ASAP.
“Contractor(s) or Licensed Contractor(s)”, means the driver(s), subcontractor(s), transporter(s), who actually provide mean of transport, booked by our services.
“ASAP“, is, a free to download application, used to book and pay for a Journey.
“Partner(s)” means our employees, contractors, subcontractors, payment processors,advertisers, developers and any person or organization directly or indirectly related with our day to day business activities. The information contains in this documents are not instructions and should not be taken as advice but as general Terms & Conditions to make it clear about usage, responsibilities and liabilities for all the parties including Users, Partners and the Contractors of the services provided by ASAP.

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  • ASAP is a Private Hire Operator service, licensed by the local authorities of its operational territory under, The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, that allows us to take booking from you and allocate to a licensed driver or contractor.
  • ASAP works only as an operator or agent who facilitates you and the contractor(s), to use ASAP to book and pay for your journey to the contractor(s) but does not provide any transportation service itself, hence, your contract for such as service is between you and the contractor. We do not provide any services except booking platform to request, track, communicate and pay for your journey between you and the contractors.
  • You download ASAP from our websites, Apple Store or Google Play and use ASAP on your mobile phone for yours personal use without any intention to use for anyone else, sell or resell any of its version to anyone. You accept that you are more than 18 years old and will provide true information about yourself while downloading and using ASAP which may be authenticated if needed you will be asked  to provide identity document.
  • ASAP is free of charge to download and use for booking and paying to the contractors. We have ASAP available for two most famous mobile platforms, IOs and Android. We will not accept liability if you use any wrong version or if we do not have a version supported by your mobile platform. We shall further not be held for any liability if you damage your phone during downloading or using our services on your device(s).
  • You acknowledge that you will not be harmful to any of the services provided by us or our contractors. Any contravention or breach of the terms and conditions will disqualify you for use of any or all of our services.
  • You are sent an eight digits security verification and authentication code on your mobile phone upon downloading and installing ASAP first time, to confirm that you agree to our Terms & Conditions. You can also login using your Facebook account. You are also accepting that you will be yourself responsible and liable for using this app. Any misuse of your mobile phone for our app or services, will be your responsibility. We will not be held responsible any such a misuse neither will our contractor(s).
  • You agree to use ASAP and our contractors service in a legal way. If you misuse any of our or our contractors services for any prohibited or illegal substances or action, will solely be your responsibility. Your booking is automatically allocated to the nearest licensed contractor available.
  • ASAP calculates estimated fare from pickup to destinations as according to the mileage calculated by our server and depending on type of car is requested ( which may vary once actual journey takes place and actual mileage is calculated).
  • The rate per mile is fixed for each type of car. The fare is calculated with fixed price for first mile plus price for any extra mile(s) travelled after the basic fare. The full price sheet is available on our website which may change from time to time with an advance notice. All those changes will be available on our apps, websites or any other medium we may use to publish our information. It is yours duty to keep yourself updated with such as changes.
  • Asap will send you automated receipt by the email provided by you while registering. You may also contact us for any further information at info@asap.taxi. A mini statement or receipt is also issued upon end of the journey and stays in your journey history of the ASAP if needed for any future use.
  • The preferred route taken will be fastest route and estimated fare is calculated accordingly. The contractor(s) will use the best route available at the time of service with mutual agreement between you and the contractor(s) and it may change the route as according to traffic jams, road accidents, road works, or any thing may delay or obstruct the journey booked and will be charged as according to the mileage travelled on alternative route.
  • Your agree to pay for journey booked and travelled with one of our contractors on end of journey by Cash or Cards. Cheques or any other way of payment is not supported or accepted for our services for time being. You agree to pay either by cash or card in local currency which is British Pounds Sterling only.
  • ASAP hires only licensed contractors and their vehicles from local authorities. We do not guarantee the quality of service by the contractor(s), but you can complain directly to the contractor(s) if you would like to, about any of the services which you think is not meeting to yours standards. You can also mention this in the feedback and or sending us email on info@asap.taxi
  • You can pay by card by using ASAP for the journey travelled with the contractor, and your card will be linked with our authorized payment processor. You agree that the payment processor may keep and process your data. We are currently not charging any extra fees for process your payments made by cards.
  • You will have to arrange cash payment in case your card can not be processed for any reason or payment is not going through. ASAP does not guarantee that the card payment process will be available all the times. There can be some technical issues like low or no mobile signals in the area where payment is being processed or the payment processor is not responding.
  • You acknowledge that ASAP will not take any liability for any delays, accidents, death, negligence or any other problems may arise by use of our contractor(s) services. ASAP can not be held responsible for any of the issues may occur between you and the contractors, like unprofessional or irresponsible way to conduct the services including those discussed or discussed in this document.
  • ASAP provides built in features in the app and other services to report for any of problems and issues either by rating a contractor or by sending us email on info@asap.taxi. We will endeavour to take prompt action after all the data and information gathered from all the parties.
  • Lost properties are handed to the nearest local police station to the contractor within 24 hours of found. It is not our or our licensed contractor responsibility if loss of property is not found or found damaged. Neither it is our liability to deliver it back to your requested destination, unless mutually agreed with the licensed contractor and a full fare is charged for the whole journey he travelled from his position to your required address. You are solely responsible to take care of your belongings.
  • Asap can decline any booking or stop providing its services without notice and warning to any user(s), with absolute discretion. A sap will monitor, enhance and improve the performance of the licensed contractors by using the performance and progress tools and feedback and rating given by you.
  • ASAP uses GPS and internet or 3G data on your mobile phone to provide services. You are responsible to any such as use of data and charges or fees. You can check with your mobile network provider if it is free of charge for you or you will have to pay them any subscription or fees.
  • We do our best to protect your data with best security in placed but do not guarantee that any of our services will be risk free of malwares, errors, or viruses. We will try to keep our services updated and error free but ASAP will not bear any damage caused by such an attacks or lost of data.
  • You allowing ASAP and its Partners to store, maintain, process and use, users data for marketing, promotions or legal purposes. Your profiles, remarks, comments, feedback etc. are publicly available to all other users.
  • All our Contents including Logos, Design, Name, Photos, Text, Brand and all the published material on our apps, websites or any other services are registered for Trademark and Copyright. You are not allowed to use for any of yours personal or business purpose, copy or distribute the contents of our app, websites or any other service.
  • You are expected to abide by the Law of the country and any breaches, will be informed to the concerned authorities. You are agreeing that your information and data will be shared with the authorities if they may contact us to help them. ASAP will use its legal rights to investigate, terminate it services and prosecute any breaches or contravention to terms and conditions.
  • ASAP can use its rights to modify, change or replace any or all of its current terms and conditions, services or contents. You may be given a notice for any or all of the changes in our terms and conditions or services by a medium suitable for us.
  • You can cancel or change your pre booking taxi with ASAP within 24 Hours of booking. We will not refund for any pre booking taxi under 100£ if not cancelled or modified within 24 hours of original booking and charges 20% of total booking value if over 100£.
  • We charge 25.00£ an hour waiting time, and will wait first 10 minutes free of charge. If passenger doesn’t show up within 10 minutes and hasn’t agreed to pay for waiting time, the driver can send the job back as no show and full price of the booking will be charged.

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